Calendar of Events

  • AWỌ Literary Soirée & Fundraiser
    Sat, Nov 06
    San Jose Woman's Club
    Our Literary Soiree will feature 3 authors with 3 very different stories of how they have reached success in the fields of high-tech, culinary arts, and education. Join us for an exciting afternoon of cocktails, prizes and inspiring stories that transcend our community!
  • HUEmankind Fest 2021 Day 1
    Sat, Jun 26
    Virtual Performances & Workshops
    To celebrate Juneteenth and promote HUEman kinship and kindness in our local communities, AWỌ is pleased to launch our inaugural HUEmankind Fest bringing together unheard voices from local communities to unpack the different shades of our shared HUEmanity. Join us!
  • AWỌ Club Forum 11: Our Children Are Suffering @ Home - How We Can Help Them
    Sun, Apr 25
    Drop-In Audio Chat on Clubhouse App
    With Folake Phillips, Becca Gibson, Ekua Walker & Dr. Bakes - The mental health effect of remote learning is real and as some students head back to in-person school, many face re-entry stress. Walk-in to learn about red flags, stress and loss, coping strategies, etc.
  • The True Measure of the Essential Worker
    Wed, Mar 31
    Join us in conversations on diversity, implicit bias and corporate responsibility as we explore new narrative possibilities for essential workers, unions and corporations in a post COVID-19 America.
  • Understanding COVID-19 Pediatric Vaccines
    Sat, Feb 20
    In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., AWO connects parents, guardians and families globally with a diverse group of experts from the fields of pediatric medicine, higher education and pharma to enlighten, discuss strategies and empower participants so that parents can make an informed decision.
  • Women in Action:  Get Out the Vote, Civic Education & The Citizen
    Sat, Oct 24
    AWO hosts an online dialogue on civic reasoning and responsibility, and how the communities of Los Gatos, Saratoga and surrounding areas can be an increasing model of inclusion and opportunity that is independent of demographic bias and cultural intolerance.
  • HOPE 2020: A Constructive Dialogue on Cultural Racism & Inequality
    Sat, Sep 12
    Outdoors at Mountain Bible Church
    In response to the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protest across the nation, AWO invites educators, social workers and professionals to speak on the cultural expressions of racism in Silicon Valley today.
  • AWỌ Club Forum 15
    Sun, Jun 20
    Drop-in Audio Chat on Clubhouse App
    Come share your thoughts and perspectives on AWỌ social issues ranging from "Skin Tone Trauma" to 21st Century Ethnic Identities." Pop in or out as your time permits!