Huemanity Programs


Telling Unheard



Discovering Youth



Buildings Skills for

Upward Mobility


Celebrating Our Diversity

Telling unheard stories, dismantling false narratives, sharing black perspectives, our Salons bring together local communities to hear and discuss unheard stories, spotlighting the wide range of 21st century black, indigenous, ethnic, urban and rural identities across America in order to build new understandings and opportunities for cross-cultural listening.

Through interactive "call and response" workshops that help unpack the unheard stories within a classroom, AWO brings youth stories to life by working with and sharing local stories from students across different races, classes and cultures to build a more inclusive narrative about our shared Huemanity.

AWỌ addresses the gaps created by historical exclusion, poverty, isolation and migration of people whose stories have not been heard. Our Huemanity Hacks are webinars, workshops and social campaigns that bring together the well-resourced with the marginalized to unpack financial, civic and cultural gaps and develop skills and networks for upward mobility.

Re-affirming our oneness and shared Huemanity, AWỌ connects people from different cultures. Through cross-cultural celebrations from international food fairs to remembrance holidays like Juneteenth and Indigenous Peoples Day, as well as, black, indigenous, and ethnic performing arts, inviting the public to experience life beyond mainstream American traditions.

When stories of individuals are incomplete, our narratives of Huemanity become inaccurate, recycling many social inequalities. AWỌ’s programs spotlight, educate, and galvanize people to express their stories so that more inclusivity and representation becomes the norm within our communities.