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Social Practice Artist Quynh-Mai 1:55-2:10pm

"People With Foreign Names Should Be In The Dictionary With Their Picture In It," is an invitation by Social Practice Artist & Storyteller Quynh-Mai Nguyen to join her Name Dictionary campaign which uses the power of names, narrative, and art to disempower and reframe hateful microaggressions against our names. This compelling project is open to everyone who has been told to change their name or who has been discriminated against because of their name. If you are proud of your name, you are welcomed too. Come, take a listen to her story.




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Griot Storyteller Mandjou Kone 2:10-2:30pm

"Lens Of Orality" Guided by tradition, community and duty, and with a combination of stories, history and heartwarming diatonic music, this Griot Storyteller brings us relevant lessons from Burkina Faso. Mandjou Kone’s Griot lineage thrives on mediating, diplomacy and peacemaking. She engages with us to provide our community the opportunity to listen, to remind others of the importance of traditional African narratives and to experience the deeper patterns and melodies associated with this centuries old culture of Storytelling.


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Theatre Ensemble Tabia 2:40-3:30pm 

"Deeds for Huemanity" Tabia African American Theatre Ensemble will showcase Black/African heritage through poetry, dance, drumming, spirituals, and songs. Specifically, they share a few of Langston Hughes's and Maya Angelou's poems, and those of the Ensemble's artists. This presentation is intertwined with movement and vocal renditions that bring to life the spirit of a people. It is a performance of pride in culture and community unity.




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Performance Poet Venus Jones 3:35- 3:55pm 

“A Dance, with Love” Venus Jones is a performance poet who literally marches to the beat of her own drum. She will take attendees on a journey with the drum and present three original works. Her poem “Dance with Me” imagines hearing the sound of a drum for the first time. Her piece entitled “I am Love" includes a rhythm which came to her in a dream. And lastly, “Dancing with Time” is a poem that reminds us of what we all have in common.

ocial Practice Artist Quynh-Mai
Griot Storyteller Mandjou Kone
Performance Poet Venus Jones
Theatre Ensemble Tabia



The County of Santa Clara, Growing in Community, DESJ Division of Equity and Social Justice

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