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Singer Joey Mendoza 12:10-12:20pm


Joey Mendoza is a Filipino singer/songwriter. She writes music that helps people understand who they are and is currently producing her first album under the name ‘sheeponmyfeet.’



main stage


Storyteller & Dancer Nkan 12:20- 12:40pm 

In Nigerian Yoruba culture, one of the greatest traditional art forms is the talking drum. Talking drums were used in ritual performances, ceremonies, and for communication and could not be played by women. They can be used as a song accompaniment and aids in telling stories that portray important life-lessons and guidance. This Nigerian talking drum is a metaphor for AWỌ’s calling of people within hearing range to come and hear the stories of the diverse performers at the Drums In The Park Huemanity salon series talking about social justice, inclusion and community making.


main stage


mohamed bangoura 12:40- 1:00pm 

Mohamed Bangoura hails from the Susu tribe of Conakry, Guinea in West Africa and is a master of music and dance. 



main stage


Khalilah The Peace Dancer & Students of the College of Adaptive Arts 1:10-1:35pm


"The Dance Of Peace" is a movement art form that uplifts and encourages all who participate. This goal is accomplished by using three tenets, the magic of music, the medicine of movement and the power of play. All bodies are designed to heal and thrive through movement. The Dance of Peace focuses on inclusivity, joy and harmony to engage everyone in its healing process.

Joey Mendoza
Storyteller & Dancer Nkan
Kimo the Drummer
Khalilah The Peace Dancer



The County of Santa Clara, Growing in Community, DESJ Division of Equity and Social Justice

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