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Public Reading Workshop at Town Plaza Park Los Gatos 2:00-3:00pm

"A Long Hidden History" Racism affects us all. Still, some more than others. This workshop for youth and families uses personal stories, dialogue and open discussions to deep dive into the impact of racism on all of us in society. There will be public readings from the book "Combined Destinies- Whites Sharing Grief About Racism", and readers will share their personal stories. Workshop is facilitated by Jen Siraganian, Los Gatos Poet Laureate.



Public Readers include Brenda Eldridge, Quynh-Mai Nguyen, Dhanya Ramanan & Julie Sebaziga









Healing Art Workshop at Town Plaza Park Los Gatos 2:00-2:45pm & 3:00-3:45pm


In African culture, the wearer of the mask transforms into the spirit of the mask, human identity lessens ~ Unknown 

"Africa At Your Fingertips" Africa At Your Fingertips is a restorative experience centering African art and culture, and facilitated by social justice educator Sherinda Bryant. Workshop gives attendees the opportunity to explore African concepts and art through hands-on activities and reflective journaling. Ultimately, the goal is to expand patrons’ knowledge and challenge them to use their imagination to re-envision themselves in a sustainable future.








Green Art Workshop at Town Plaza Park Los Gatos 2:00-2:45pm & 3:00-3:45pm

"Build Your Own Kaleidoscope" To see the world afresh and celebrate color, play and the joy of many perspectives, theater artist Alexis MacNab will teach how to make kaleidoscopes using recycled and household materials.

Public Reading Workshop
Healing Art Workshop
Green Art Workshop



The County of Santa Clara, Growing in Community, DESJ Division of Equity and Social Justice

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