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Huemanity Programs

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The power of the arts for social change.

We unpack implicit biases across color, class and culture with global mindset skills of empathy, collaboration and adaptability via innovative community service projects and coursework that enable students to interact successfully with people different from themselves. 

Through storytelling, interactive dialogue and collective problem solving, we strive to have AWỌ bring people together across color, class and culture to dismantle inaccurate stories and re-imagine through kindness and HUEman kinship more equitable collective narratives and social systems. 

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Engaging the community all year long.

We are committed to engaging our community throughout the year through our Huemanity Salon Series. Lectures, cultural celebrations, fund drives for social causes, university educational symposiums and our international drum summer series are just a few of our engagement salon activities.

When stories of individuals are incomplete, our narratives of Huemanity become inaccurate, recycling many social inequalities. AWỌ’s programs spotlight, educate, and galvanize people to express their stories so that more inclusivity and representation becomes the norm within our communities.

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An annual celebration for the whole community.

We aspire to design programs that unpack the different shades of Huemanity for a more inclusive and representative world. In our inaugural year, we designed a unique annual celebration called, HUEMankind FEST, which brings people of all skin hues together for discussions, art and family fun.

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